Me: You know :3 Undertale :3 Is :3 A lot like :3 Homestuck :3 :3
Friend: Yaya! Tem Agree!
Me: don’t you be facetious with me, [FRIEND NAME] Alistair Fredrickson
Me: (that’s your upper-middle class teen name for when I have to be a mother to you)
Friend: XD
Me: Imagine us going to a PTA meeting and me passive aggressively judging the other parents’ kids like “My son is better than them”
Friend: That’d be funny.
Friend: “Oh, a Call of Duty fan, hm…? You have fun with that.”
Me: XD yeeees. “A Microsoft fanboy? I know whose birthday parties I won’t let my son go to.”
Me: “Oh, Ruth, I’m so glad to hear Billy got honor roll! Can’t wait to see him in retail 10 years later.”!
Friend: XD
Me: “Those brownies are nice, but I prefer my home made apple turnover.”
Me: ok I’m done with the PTA au
Friend: “Oh, your kid likes Dragon Ball? Say no more, I know JUST the kind of person he is.”