Me: I neeeeeeeeeed
Me: creative outleeeeeeet
Me: before I collapse
Me: Where be Red and his posts?
Friend: In the void of “I need you to be patient”
Friend: Which unfortunately is something that few things escape from
Me: *stares into the void. the void winks back. initiates flirting process. gets married to the void*
Friend: …omg you’re Exdeath
Me: ? 😐 ?
Me: oh, FF
Friend: [Video link]
Friend: That will bring context to the joke.
Me: mmm gotta love that void
Me: gotta seek it
Friend: This is but a small fraction of the amount of times he says “The Void” throughout the entire game. literally every cutscene he’s in has that phrase.
Me: My brain’s now oversaturated with the Void
Me: I don’t like it anymore
Friend: XD divorce it then
Me: *files necessary paperwork*
Me: *takes the pretty half of the china set*
Friend: Did you at least get to tap that before you divorced it?
Me: Darling, the void fucked me over before I was born : D