Friend: Despite how much I love anime though, I watch it much less often than you’d think
Me: : o I thought you caressed anime every night, grasping its firm voluptuous regions with an iron grip
Friend: well, I do…
Friend: but actually paying attention to it happens not to often
Friend: she loves me tho
Me: D’aaaw ❤
Friend: lul
Me: every night
Me: I shove a piano up my ass
Friend: how romantic
Me: each key is named after the butt
Me: A: Anus, B: Butthole, C: Crap chute, D: Defecation Hole, E: Excrement Hole, F: Farthole, G: GIoryhole
Friend: please no more XD
Me: good thing there’s only 7 key types :3
Friend: oh lol
Friend: Your humor is very Arin-y today
Me: >: D well I dooo fall asleep to the sound of his and Dan’s majestic voices most nights
Me: I’ve undergone Arinosmosis
Friend: lol
Me: He’s penetrated me. Emotionally.
Me: it’s why most of my dick is shoved into my personality
Me: I’m on fire
Friend: *Splashes water on you*
Me: aw ❤ you always know how to make me wet
Friend: *Hands you a pie* I made it nice and creamy for you
Friend: #i’mhorrible
Me: pffft XD I’ll consume this creampie via enema
Friend: enema is… what exactly?
Me: you use a tube to send nutrients directly into your colon, where it gets absorbed
Me: [something about Bear Grylls having an enema with bird guano] it was like Bear Grylls was reverse crapping


Friend: Shadow the Sexhog
Me: Sexic the Hedgehog. Tails the Sex. Sexckles the Echidna.
Friend: Rouge the Hooker
Me: Charmy Peen
Friend: 420BlazeIt the Cat
Me: V-aginal insp-ECTOR the Crocodile. I SOLVED THE CASE
Friend: BigButt the Cat
Me: Espio the Voyeuristic Chameleon. MIGHTY THE ARMADILDO
Friend: Tittykal
Me: Wave The SWALLOW
Me: Jet the Hawt.
Friend: OvipositionMan